Thank you for
participating in the
City Nature Challenge 2021!

2021 Results


Using iNaturalist

① Find

Find plant or animal wildlife within
your home, backyard, or city.

② Photograph

Take a photo of the wildlife on your smartphone
— make sure to note the location.

③ Upload

Upload the photo to iNaturalist, available on
the web, App Store, and Google Play.

Who We Are

The City Nature Challenge began as a nature-observation competition between the San Francisco Bay Area and Los Angeles County in 2016. Since then, the competition has expanded to over 400 cities worldwide, with the greater Sacramento region joining in 2019! The Center for Community and Citizen Science at the University of California, Davis, as well as California Naturalist and Wild Davis, facilitates our region’s participation. Participants use the iNaturalist app to photograph, catalogue, identify, and organize observations of local wildlife.

The Greater Sacramento Region